HBSI Capital is focused on helping grow your organization. We provide investment, as well as management consulting, to help level up your organization. Our preferred engagement model is that the existing leadership continues to run the business. We provide investment and guidance at the board level with an option of support on the ground. We also prefer to focus on mentorship at the CEO level and in the Executive Team where deemed appropriate.

We are a collaborative and flexible group. Sometimes figuring out the best model involves discussion as we get use to each other’s working styles. Having a clear vision and goal helps align everyone more easily.


Michael Brown – CEO and Founding Partner

Michael Brown attended Harvard University. Michael has scaled and run several businesses. His experience includes building his services organization from the ground up, reaching heights of 50 Million+ in Revenue, with offices internationally. He has been recognized multiple years for Inc 5000 fastest growing companies and consistently won best places to work in the Seattle Area. He was CEO of a global IT consulting firm Affirma Consulting, that grew annually at a compounded rate of 25% over 17 years under his leadership. He is an active investor and entrepreneur with stakes in several companies in the region. His passion is to mentor leaders and see the impact that businesses have on people’s lives.

Don Hyun – Founding Partner

Don Hyun is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. He is a 20 year technology veteran having worked for large technology companies such as Microsoft and Amazon, shipping server technologies on a global scale and maintaining high-availability operations. He has served on the Board of Directors of BECU, one of the largest Credit Unions in the country. He was the Chief Operations Officer of Affirma Consulting where he oversaw operations of a global, technology services firm. He has had responsibilities and experience with Accounting, HR/Recruiting, Marketing, Resourcing, IT, and Admin teams. To help companies scale, he has driven and executed initiatives to increase customer satisfaction, increase revenue, increase employee satisfaction, and reduce costs. He has consistently increased marketing revenue by more than 20% year over year since taking over the department with a disciplined approach around SEO, SEM, lead management, and collaboration with the existing revenue teams. He is passionate about developing careers, managers, and leaders.