Molly’s is a food production and distribution company focused on transforming the way people eat through the healthiest ingredients available in the market. Founded in 2009, Molly’s experienced steady growth, but consistently struggled with cashflow issues and maintaining profitability. HBSI Capital invested in and partnered with Molly’s in 2018 to stabilize cashflow and profits through cash investment, leadership mentoring, and management consulting. In late 2019, Molly’s was acquired by HomeGrown for a very positive return on investment and a swiftly executive exit strategy by HBSI and the Molly’s team.

HBSI Capital was absolutely critical in stabilizing Molly’s organization and ultimately helping us successfully position ourselves for acquisition. Their engagement style was supportive as they brought years of business experience to the table to help transform the organization and help me personally address several challenges we were facing.

– Michelle Boline, Molly’s CEO