Skillspire is an education organization on a mission to empower people to pursue the work they love. We serve adult age students who are looking for a faster and more affordable path to a new career or career advancement. Skillspire struggled to establish a reliable pipeline of customers and to navigate their strategic position in the marketplace. HBSI Capital invested in Skillspire and brought in mentorship and management consulting to help establish a reliable pipeline of customers through marketing and sales activities. HBSI Capital also pivoted the business to open their services to the corporate market.

With the investment and mentorship from Michael, we have renewed energy and excitement around our business. Michael brings years of experience in the service industry to help propel our mission as a social impact organization. Michael has also been a great mentor for me personally, where we discuss strategy, future direction, and current pains. He is a great person to work with and very accessible!

– Yasmin Ali, CEO of Skillspire